Saturday, July 26, 2014

The splendid black...#WhatTheBlack

 Wonderful black....Splendid black...

Black color is the color of the mystery that hides from the rest of the world. This color has some charismatic power that everyone is attracted towards it. 

I always find the black color is of great Intensity and Depth. It reflects you as an intense personality and some mesmerizing quality in you.

5 Black Items of my choice are:-

Black gown - I like it because it reflects my personality as of a dignified and sophisticated person. It also protects me from any negativity, surrounds me. It gives me elegance and confidence. Wearing black gown creates a mystery in my appearance


Black Hand Bag- Black hand bag goes with any attire. It looks very formal. It 
compliments my personality. I find Black Hand bag gives me a confidence. If it is diamond studded ...awesome, splendid...!

A Pair of Black Heel Shoes- I love to have in my wardrobe because it goes with any dress. It gives complete look to my personality. I feel very confident wearing black heel shoes.

Black sleek mobile and Laptop are two most admirable gadgets and why I do like...? I don't think it needs any answer. But anyhow...! I would like to answer it.

Black sleek mobile is just like a mouth organ in hands to play.

A handy black colored laptop is now very in, so why shouldn't I hold this...?

 For me brand is not important but only the item should reflect my bold personality. I don't like to be a part of this branded rat race.

So this is my wish list, I know this list won't be perfect until I add some branded black car.. But anyways it will be some other time...!!

I think it is enough to say about The Black...!

---------------------------------------------------------------Veena Sethi----------------------------------

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