Saturday, January 31, 2015

Garnier Neem Face Wash.......for retaining beauty.

The Unspotted Beauty...

A story we always heard, since our childhood, “Once upon a time there was a Very Beautiful Princess, living in a castle....." and story goes on and on and on. But ...Hey... wait! There is a story now, “There is a beautiful girl, living in a house, always takes care of her beauty regularly. One day, when she awakes and looks her face in the mirror…as usually, what she finds on her face…?? She has a pimple on her face. She rushes to her mother to tell her about the problem. She becomes sad and doesn’t want meet to anyone. As the day passes, she locks herself in her room. Pimple eclipses her beauty. 

Next morning she decides to fight against the tiny pimple and retains her beauty again. Now the war goes on. First she tries the home remedies and gets advice from everywhere. She applies kitchen ingredients over the pimple to get rid of it. But the shameless pimple raises its head flauntingly and that irritates her as the time shooting out.

The Unspotted Beauty..

She consults an expert and he deliberates her to apply cinnamon-honey mixture on the pimple. But the pimple stands as cocky. She is loosing her patience. But her mother cheers up and tells about a home remedy that she used in her youth to remove the pimple. She recommends her applying albumen on the pimple. She applies it before going to bed, but the next morning the gets the result zero.

She gets upset. What to do now…? That thought rolls on her head, but she fails to find the answer. She stands up to the problem and ejects out herself from this damage and recovers her beauty. She starts searching the attacking products for the final combat against the pimple. (Poor Pimple…! Nobody can save it now…). She looks every newspaper, TV Channels, Internet. She comes across lots of Ad on pimple removers face wash. She thinks her journey of search is ended. Now she starts applying face washed but the result was not effective. She becomes frustrated. She again watches some Ad.  At last her eyes stays down at the ad. Of Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash. Before Appling the Neem Face Wash, she consults the skin expert to have a piece of advice over it. 

She knows that Neem is an antiseptic. The medicinal property of Neem is well known in India since the Vedic Period.

First day when she applies the Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash and looks at her face in the very next morning, she finds some positive results. This is first steps towards the recovering of her beauty. And she applies the face wash for 8-10 days. The result is awesome. Now she gets back her beauty.
She smiles and dreams because she has unspotted beauty.

Garnier Pure Active Neem