Monday, December 28, 2009


Adore the Words

- ‘Please’, ‘thanks’, Excuse me’ like words give your voice the softness and add humbleness in your personality. Tenderness in voice and respect towards others through the gesture, when flows in the stream of words, you will get the same response from the others.

Word is the mirror of your personality. So usage of right word in a dignified manner makes your personality great and noble.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Vision of Life

Be Calm and Patient in the Troublesome Time
Life is the equation of troubles and comfort, joy and grief, success and failure, achieved and unachievable, accomplished and unaccomplished.
The joy of life makes the life easy and difficulties make the life miserable. Difficulties and troubles never come alone in the life. It also brings gloom, sadness, uneasiness, anger, excitement, restlessness, in the life. All these mix pessimistic feelings turn one’s life of each day into Doomsday.
Don’t forget if good days don’t stay in the life for a long time then no longer the bad days will stay in the life. If somebody finds his life is going to be topsy-turvy, wait for the happy time calmly and patiently.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Vision Of Life

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

Human is born with an aim in the life. Ho much he is aware of his aim! How much success he can get! That depends upon his continuous efforts and hard work. It also depends upon his sources in achieving the goal of life.

Practice is the way of development, progress, clearness in the life. Practice or exercise means repetition of a work or knowledge that deep down in root the heart and mind. So practice makes a dull boy or an idiot into an intelligent. When practice is accomplished the person is called an accomplisher. In this state a person has complete control over the work for which he has practiced and he can carry on the work very easily and hold such situation

In today’s world Practice is must because we are not practicing – How to live in Present? We are living our life and spending our energy in collecting and assembling the means and ways of future. So start practicing to control the situation to live in the Present.