Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ambi Puri contest- smell and fragrance

Fragrance- Merge into the Soul

Nature has gifted human race with five senses. Sense of Smell is one among of them. Nature adores the human race with nose to smell the smell and fragrances and no doubt the smell of danger too but without the nose. Ami Puri India gives me a chance to find out my liking and disliking about smell and fragrances.

A child enters into the world of smell and fragrances as he appears on the Earth. A person grows up in the surroundings of different type of smell and odors. Anyhow he identifies some smells very clearly, as he supposes to be grown up with that. The first and memorable odor or smell that a person remembers always till the end of his or her life is the smell of mother's milk. He or she is nostalgic for it.

I was trying to search out in the storehouse of my dump memories. No doubt, many old and faded memories of fragrances and smells refreshed my past. One of my wonderful memory that  I am picking for my this blog is-I still remember, How passionate I was for... drinking the she goat milk and the smell of it was...so sweet ...( for me only, generally people avoid to drink this milk only due to it's odor  as I heard that... readers know better.). For me it is very soothing and refreshing to recall the past because this memory has a very special place in my heart and life- that is related to my Grand Maa too. I want to share it with my readers. My grand maa gave me a big glass of fresh milk and that was fully filled and the 1-2 inch of froth layer was floating over the milk. Drinking that milk was fun for me...As I finished drinking the milk a white mustach appeared at my upper lip. I looked like a cartoon and my grand maa always laughed at me and I felt happy to see my face in the mirror.

The significance of smell is very important among animal kingdom. How a mother can identify her offspring in a herd...? All animals and the offspring look alike. Probably every animal has a specific smell that helps the animal to reach to the particular animal. Many insects reach to their food with the help of the smell of the food, no matter how far the food is...? Every living segment of this Earth inherent a peculiar smell or fragrance that helps in the evolution of life, And due to this smell only a male and a female attracts to each other and helps in the existence of life.

The odor I like the most and it is still intact to my soul and it will remain till my life is a very unique type and it is only one of its own kind. If, I am not mistaken…, Every Indian likes this smell more or less because it signifies the Nation India. This smell has been attracting me since my childhood and it has been the part of my everlasting memories. Whenever the first shower of rainy season touches the soil and the warm bed spread of the Earth becomes wet and cool for a while, an excellent and unusual type of smell erupts from the soil - this odor is beyond comparison. I always inhale this odor and my soul merges into it. I think every Indian like this odor; although this magic is created by some bacteria but it spells bound me. It has given a very special name in Hindi- “Mitti Ki Saundhi-Saundhi Khusbu". Next time whenever first shower meet to the Indian soil in the rainy season, try only once to smell this fragrance .You will feel the smell of Indian Soil and will be proud to be an Indian.