Sunday, April 23, 2017

From the heart: # more Indian than we think.

 A Message: # more Indian than YOOU think.

Today, the whole world knows India or “Bharat” and when they talk about India, they never forget to mention “Yoga” and this is the biggest contribution of Modern India to the world, As India gave “Zero” and the “Wheel” in the ancient time to the ancient world. The Indian cuisine “Curry” neither needs any introduction and it has been the part of every kitchen and hotel worldwide. This cuisine is globally appreciated only due to the richness of its taste and the taste lovers changed it so beautifully by each country according to the spices and ingredients. It is well the path of winning the human heart is only through his stomach and Indian “Curry” proved it splendidly. So the world has already been # more Indian than we think.

   Why are people talking about # more Indian than we think? A simple answer is that the world has turned into a global market. India has become a big market and the different countries have their self-interest and this turning their inclination towards Indian Market.
Indian Curry

          To know any country, it is necessary to know its language, culture, and lifestyle first and when it is understood and adopted, only then can we be like them. All this has become necessary even today; because the world has been transformed into a global market. And according to the economic theory of demand and supply, the first rule for entering the market of any country is to know the culture and language of that country. And it isn’t a hidden secret that country Like India would be the paradise for those countries that are in search of a new market.

The slogan is given by Lufthansa Airlines “# more Indian than you thinks” should not be considered simply to find a new global market.  but It is more a step towards understanding the entire world as a family. This thought of Lufthansa cherishes India's centuries old concept "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" (means the whole world is a family).

Indian culture

At present when the whole world is afflicted by terrorism and there is no country in the world that is not the victim of terrorism. The whole world under the grip of such fear and it is affecting global economy badly. The slogan of Lufthansa should be changed like this " # more human than we think". I really believe that if someone needs to understand a country or a person then think likewise, it can only be possible when we understand the country or the thinking of the person.

Imagine...!  A tourist visits your country, and if you know his language, not fully but quite a little bit. You talk to him in his language, Guess...! How happy he would be..?. Just think, when he returns to his country, what he would bring with him...? - Only the memories of your good behavior. And that would reflect a good picture of your country worldwide.

Winning the heart of the people of any country is very easy, only you should remember Lufthansa’s# more Indian than you think. Now some German citizen comes to my country and he greets me by saying "Namaste", then believe me… he would have won my heart. And if he is dressed up as an Indian, It would be like a feather in a hat.

Being completely Indian of a foreigner can be a pleasant feeling for any Indian. They should not only be limited of speaking, dressing, or eating Indian food but with this, they also introduce about their culture,language, and cuisine to the Indians. And this thinking of Lufthansa inspires him to be even more Indian. If Lufthansa Airlines is entering India with such thinking, then surely its concept is to be welcomed.
It can also be inspirational for those Indians, who are leaving their centuries-old culture, civilization, and language and adopting the foreign culture. And instead of proud to be an Indian, they feel proud to be advocating of foreign lifestyle. How awful and shameful it is…! It would good enough if they join the campaign of Lufthansa "# more Indian than you thinks" and play the role of being an Indian. Hat's off to Lufthansa
It is true to say that if you ever have to defeat your enemy then become his friend. So be an Indian by killing the thought of being an advocate of foreign culture and lifestyle, you will be # more Indian than you think.

Veena Sethi