Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Quotes

My Quotes on Relationship

@A true relation is above all type of bonding...that is always unconditional relationship.
@A true Relationship never ever ends in any type of external pressure.
@A relationship continues only with mutual understanding. 
@A relation born,grows and develops only when it is understood fully.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My first poem-I alone.


I alone
ignorant of the way:
On the path of life,
with a caravan of dream
Move on.
The storm rising on the way;
scattered the dreams away.
with a will together;
them together.

I alone
Trade on the solitary land;
Along the murmuring stream of passion;
preaching the sorrowing woods
On the way
offering all the dreams.

I alone
with the ray of hope:
On the dark path;
En candle   the lamps of Hope
Fill all the hearts with mirth;
move on.
determined to make my own
the agony of others.

I alone
Carrying sweet smell of livings;
make the path sweet scented'
Having goal world
to all fragrance scatter on.
Desirous of sweeping away
the woos of Earth.

I alone 
Ignorant of destination;
On my way 
Move on
I alone.

I alone.

( This is my first poem - I wrote it when I was in 12th -I don't my this effort is in right path or I should stop writing poem in English.I need your comment to know about my writings.Waiting for your reaction.Veena Sethi.)