Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Memories of life

My father

"Life is a journey ..." It is a Universal phrase. Maybe, it is true. Memory is a part of it. These memories are sour-sweet-pungent and crispy...! And these are the memories of our loved ones through which we are attached to them even when they are with us and though they are not with us.  My memories are incomplete without my parents. Of course, today they are not with me ... but are with me and will be at every moment of my life.
Today, through this blog I share a very memorable and motivating incident of my father. But before that I want to say something about the personality of my father so that the reader understands him better. He was extremely positive, very energetic so to say bubbling with life and very honest. He lived his life on his own terms. He was very daring and took risks in life and business as well. He always told me that without taking risk you can’t enjoy life. He didn’t waste time for any regret. I don’t forget his saying, “ Do, what ever you want to do in life without any worry of it’s result that would be in favor of you or not. But starts it with planning so you won’t have any regret and don’t stop yourself keep trying until you succeed.”  So motivational words he had.

Once I went Sanchi that is 60 kilometer away from Bhopal, with my bike TVS Scotty. My mother told me not to go alone but father permitted me. I rode my Scotty very confidently. I was riding safely.  Then I was 15-20 Km. away from Bhopal, as I was crossing a blind turning, suddenly a Jeep appeared from the opposite direction. The driver of that vehicle was driving so rashly that it hit me from the side and I fell down in a roadside pit with my Scotty. I was injured badly and I had a lot pain but hadn’t that much courage to come out of that pit. I was laid down for an hour and people was passing by but nobody…nobody came to help me.  In the way with difficulty I came out of that situation and with the help of a motorbike rider I brought out my Scotty. It was in riding condition. I rode it back home.  My parents perplexed and brought me to the doctor for check up. But nothing was serious except some minor injuries but my ribs were aching badly and it remained for almost a month.

It had been quite a while and then came the chance to go Sanchi once again. My mother refused bluntly of my going but dad encouraged me and said,” See Beta…! You have faced the accident but don’t stop riding due to the fear of being injured. And remove this fear from your mind. Ride your Scotty on that road once again, and prove yourself that you can take risks. If you don’t do it today, you won’t face any challenge in your life “And then I conquered my fear. Today, my father is not with me but his teachings on life are with me. And now, I have learned to take risks.

My father always was ready to help anyone. He believed that "kindness is the cause of happiness," While I believe that mercy is the cause of sorrow. He helped people without any expectation. He believed people should help each other. He helped l lots of people for the sake of humanity that I came to know when I saw the huge gathering at his last journey. Actually he was a true human being. (Veena Sethi)
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