Monday, November 30, 2009

My Tips

While in conversation with a talkative person
When you are in conversation with a talkative person, you should be a listener only. Ponder over some points when you chat with a talkative person:-
· You keep patience and peace when the talkative person is talking nonstop with full energy.
· You should think about the seriousness of the subject by keeping away yourself from the useless conversation.
· If any talkative person reveals his secrets, keep it up to you, don’t disclose it among others.
· Don’t encourage the talkative person for chatting otherwise e it will be sheer wastage of time.
· Don’t resent at the talk of such person because it increases your grudge. So be silent and have patience. The resent will be fair enough.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Life and time

Life and Time

Keep your eyes on future and live in the present. Make plans for the future and have a well framed strategy for it. When you are sure about your plans, start executing it. Do all work in time? Time is the basic factor for success. Always keep pace with time otherwise opportunity splits from your hands. Keep your eyes on your goal; don’t let it disappear from your eyes. So learn how to manage time, money and thoughts.

Uses of Money

Money and It’s Use

Earning money is not the main job. How to spend it? How much it be spent? And how much your savings should be? Maintain a ledger for your earning and expenditure, it should be daily routine. Have some savings for your future too.

Don’t have the habit of lending or borrowing money, because this habit converts the friendship into enmity. As far as your close friends are concern, avoid this habit but help them in their trouble time.

Donate some money in charity, it increases your wealth. When you donate some money to needy person or to some institution, you achieve name and fame that gives you real pleasure.

Be a trader not a merchant. Hold and spend the money like a trader while earning the money by fair means otherwise your efforts will be waste.

Sunday, November 8, 2009



Word’ is the way to express human feelings and sentiments. And ‘voice’ gives shape to it. The combination of the ‘word’ and the ‘voice’ is as similar to the soul and the god. The ‘word’ and the ‘voice’ compliment each other. The Voice as the chariot doesn’t on the move unless the Word acts as a charioteer.