Saturday, July 26, 2014

Positive Energy-#InspireAFragrance

Fragrance in the life style  

"The beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart…and hopefully someone else’s." (Elizabeth Taylor)

Fragrance is playing an important role in our life style. And it entered into our life very quietly. This output came through the western concept. The scented license we are using for our religious purposes is now using at our home.

It is indicated by Science and Art both that fragrance is an important part of our life. It excites and soothes our senses and makes changes in our behavior. Researches prove that those who are using the perfume are more positive in their attitude than those who don’t and they socially more active. Fragrance inspires every person and motivate in a positive way.

Fragrance was discovered at the time of King Luis the XV. Some oil was extracted from some fragrance plants and was used as perfume. Queen Cleopatra used Rose petals to scent the water while bathing.

Every fragrance directly affected the human brain, emotion and behavior. Stress, hormonal changes, diet and mediation also affect the smell of perfume. Whenever you smell any perfume your heart is filled with some refreshing happiness and you feel a positive energy. Try it once…You will feel good.

It is my turn to express something about fragrance. Whenever I dive into my past so many bubbles of my memories merge out in my present. One fragrance always inspired me and till now too. I was and I am very fond of morning walk. While walking along the road side, I came across to very beautiful small duplexes and one tree was present in front of every home. The tress was Night Blooming Jasmine. Whenever I went for morning walk, I found a bed of small white flowers underneath of each tree. And the fragrance …that spreaded …OMG...! was so mesmerizing, that I can’t explain in words. I always stayed near to that bed for some moments and took 2-3 deep breaths to let that fragrance dwell in my mind and soul. I wanted this fragrance to be a permanent resident of my heart. What else I say about this fragrance…??

Night Blooming Jasmine(Raat Rani) 


That I write a post to #InspireAFragrance for Godrej aer.(

(all images and quote from Sethi


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