Friday, July 25, 2014

Super Power In ASUS Zen phone - Incredible...!

Super Power –A Fiction

A famous story that we heard since our childhood is – “Midas Touch”. Midas had given a Super Power – As he touches anything that would be turned into Gold. Because he was very greedy of Gold and sooner that boon became curse for him. So, any super power can be a blessing or a hell depends in the hands of its user. So, beware…ASUS Zen phone! 

 I am not very much fond of mobile, because I think that it kills your privacy some how...?? But, As I saw the promotion of ASUS Zenphone, I really wish to have a mobile like this.

Think…! Unless you have the ASUS Zen phone in your hands loaded with some super power and without experiencing it…How can you write a post in your blog. But anyways…! ASUS Zen phone is giving you an opportunity to have a virtual super power in your mobile and you can fulfill your wish or you can do some super human work to help others.

One thing I want to say ASUS Zen phone, “Whenever you bless someone with the super power. You should be alert that your power never ever goes in wrong hands. Otherwise it would turn into disaster and that boon turns into a curse.”

Now it is my turn to wish a super power. But I know any Super Power exists in fiction only and it is real world. But never mind…! I wish I would have. Suppose I wake up in a morning and find some super power in my mobile app. in the form a beam. And this beam has a power by which you travel in time. I would like to go back in time and correct some blunder like world I and II. In which millions of innocent were killed and put the humanity at stake.

I think is sure, every person wish to have any type of Super Power in his or her life and we know this type of power is in some heavenly world. If …! Such world exists…?

         Veena Sethi..........................................


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