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Who is to be blamed..?

Humanity At Stake-Who is to be blamed..?

The year 2012 has passed, nothing is special to say about it, but it left it’s footprints on the stone of Time in such a hilarious way that will be echoed into the ears of humanity for hundreds of centuries. We all know the Delhi Rape Case and Connecticut Massacre; both inhuman mishaps need not any introduction and description again. Even common man avoids remembering these. The reaction was world wide and this is still going on as a chain reaction like nuclear fission.  Once it was seemed that these mishappenings will change the course of civilization but it would be early to say.

Delhi Rape victim

Both inhuman crime left some question behind them and their answers are still to be resolved. The biggest question is ‘Why’ this type of inhuman behavior occurs repeatedly. We don’t want to learn from them and we are taking them for granted. Is this a good sign of civilized society or nation…??

We need to find out the reason behind such inhuman incidents. One thing is sure: there are many factors acting simultaneously. We will try to find out the reasons.- 

Social Structure:-Indian society is Male dominated and Male Oriented. And the norms and regulation are different for male and female, better to say, they were framed by Males only. She couldn’t have and can have active role in the religious ceremonies. She is a mere shadow of man for thousands of years .She is not imagined as an independent existence, so she is not rather than one of the commodity of home. She has to be protected by man only. Such social norms that won’t give a woman freedom, How can be the woman will be taken as an independent personality.

Prejudice of Society about woman:-In Indian Society without any differentiation of religion, Woman is said to be dependent upon man only. And he has a right to take any decision about woman at his wish and call. If a woman is a commodity to use and throw, so she will be treated like wise and it has being practiced since past 5 thousands of years. This is the extreme end of insensitivity of a 21st Century Society towards a human being. Are we living in Stone Age…?? Ask this question to yourself and try to find out the answer.

Changing Social Scenario: - The last 6-7 years of Indian Society was the period of drastic changes. Basically the Indian society is family based. The family bonding is very strong for thousands of years but there are some changes visible very clearly. The social bond that was strictly imposed on the society to keep this bond static is becoming loose. Those changes aren’t being ignored because the statistical graph of Rape is going upward drastically. That is 300-400% more than the previous years. The reason is the adaptation of Western Life Style. Most of the people don’t agree upon my opinion but deep down in their heart and in their subconscious, they know that it is true. We don’t ignore and avoid the reality, if we do so, we won’t stop the consequences like Delhi Gang Rape. No doubt, there isn’t any wrong thing in the western life style. We physically adopted it and the openness of the western style is in our external behavior means it reflects through our clothes only not through our mind and heart. In West woman has a full freedom as an individual as man. Whatever woman can wear, people take it as an appreciation to woman. There isn’t any type of bondage or barrier for a woman to move around. She can be behaved in a very civilized way as man. The western life style is very transparent but In India, we change its meaning and we follow it according to our convenience. But our thinking is thousands of centuries old towards woman. If we adopted the freedom to living, we have to follow the freedom of thoughts towards woman too.

The government's wavering attitude:-Whenever something wrong happens at national level, Indian government doesn’t take any stand until or unless people make hue and cry. At national level the insensitivity spreads in every walk of life and it is at a very high rate. And the same attitude is governed by the government too. Whatever Inhuman Crime was staged in Delhi this time was protested all over the world and the image of India was spoiled worldwide. The capital of India is infamous as Rape Capital. The government of India awakes at once and the people of India too. But brave victim of Delhi Rape is still waiting for justice.

Role of Police: - The role of Indian police is always suspicious. No one can believe in the police of the nation. Here mentioning the role of police is just waste of time and words.

But I strongly believe that a day shall come when Indian people would have healthy thinking for woman and the nation will respect the dignity of woman and her individuality not take her as a commodity. 
 ---------------------------------------Veena Sethi--------------

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