Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Self Improvment- Mind and heart

Listen to the mind and the heart but When?

Mind and Heart in boxing ring

Life passes through so a many phases and sometime it comes across to a situation where we do not decide – what to do? Our heart says some thing and we decide something else. But that state of dilemma is not that much expensive, that we can’t bear with the burden of our decision. Our mind accepts but the heart rejects. Then at this stage – what should we do? That is very important, so at the time it is better to take a wise and balanced decision. Whatever we do in our life, it is our self decision, and so whether it is right or wrong, we have to face the consequences

To do or not to do Situation-
That is the To Do or Not to Do situation. We are in-between the mind and heart.This In-between circumstances compel a person to reach to some conclusion and take some decision. If he or she doesn’t take any decision, he will be surrounded by stress and anxiety. Circumstances compel him or her to that extend that he or she can't even believe in himself  or herself and he requires other’s opinion or advice. Seeking of opinion of others is not wrong. But other don't understand the circumstances well enough through which we are passing . Small things are even important. This thing can be understood, who has faced the same situation.

It is said that woman thinks from heart and man through mind. So women are emotionally stronger than man..., so having delicate heart; sentiments dominate her. And due to it, if she faces any trouble; she doesn’t perplex.

The voice of heart and mind:-

Mind Over Heart OR Heart Over Mind
 Whenever we heard the voice of our heart, the decision is taken in a hurry. Because emotions neither ready to listen to anyone’s voice and doesn’t analyze the situation and it's outcoming results. But the mind whenever thinks, it analyses both the good and the bad aspects, and then person takes the right step into right direction.

Some subjects are related to mind and some are to the heart. Suppose you think that life partner is cheating you, so you have to decide whether to continue this relation or not? In this tug of war of both mind and heart act together. Actually this is a cycle, where heart says, “ May be he relaise his mistake and will correct it,so there is no need to think about separation”. But the mind doesn’t agree and think – how can I believe in such life  a partner, who is deceiving me. Who knows...! he can't cheat again? When you think about that very important part of your life that is affecting you to a great extend,listen to the voice of your mind.

 It often happens; we listen to the voice of our heart due to the presence of others and become stressful. So better if we draw some limit, where we put emphasis on the emotional side and where we give wait to the decisive side. If there is no any negative effect of it, go with your heart. But if the circumstances are not under your control, it is wise to take decision through mind.

Your opinion towards life:-

In the tug war of mind and soul: it depends upon the ability of the endurance of a person and the level of his thinking. In which form he asses the life. Sometime it happens that a thing that is ignored at a level, is unbearable at different stages. At this stage, use the brain and think- Why is it happening to me? Previously wasn’t it thought carefully?

Listen to the heart:-

Whatever your heart suggests you, it might be right up to some extent. When the question arises about your future and your family is imposing their decision on you. Then go with your heart because at this time you are right. In early stages your family won’t go with your decision but one day they will realize that you were right.
Heart always says right. That is not fully correct. At this stage if somebody takes any decision emotionally, he or she would be wrong and the consequences will be born by him only. So be careful when you are standing at the crossroad of your life and you are not in a position to take right decision. At that time follow your mind because your mind suggests you right path.

            Some people are of the nature that they always take decision through heart and get failure. But they do not regret about it. These type of people love to live in present.
The mutual pulling of mind and heart always goes on, because this is the axis of human life. It is better to know, when to use mind and when to use heart. Keep a proper balance. It would be better if other do not interfere in your life because nobody understands your situation better than you.
                                                                             Veena Sethi.


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