Sunday, January 1, 2017

5 self

                           Your 5 Self

‘Self’ means one’s own. If it is more than enough, it makes a person arrogant. ‘Self’ introduces you with your existence. It realizes you your importance as a human being.
Here we take a journey though the 5 most important ‘Se

These 5 self are as follows:-

Self Confidence: -

Confidence is in oneself regarding his or her abilities to do something. Self confidence gives a person to face the difficulties of life. It has the power to give a person the courage to stand against the failures. Self confidence is the life line of every person.
Self confidence resembles with the backbone of human race. It is only the self coincidence that gives the spirit to a person to reach the goal. It is a fire that burns the odds of life. So analyze the power of Self Confidence.


 Self Control: -

One can control over own feeling, emotion and behavior or hide them. A self controlled person can handle any situation very tactfully. Nobody can judge- what is going on in the mind ...?, because he or she has control over his or her ‘self’ to that extend that his or her face looks as blank blackboard.  Such person doesn’t show any type of feeling whether the moment is of joy or grief.
Self control is the quality that gives a person the strength to hold any type of situation. A person who thinks from the heart i s always  sentimental and emotional and he is easily uncontrollable and misguided in any circumstances and that hurts his feeling. On the other hand a person who rules by the mind can’t be misguided easily and he can handle any situation because he controls his emotion any ways. So a person hasn’t self control he can gain it through practice.


Self Satisfaction: -

It shows that a person is satisfied with his or her own achievement that is gaining through self efforts. It is a state of pleasure and happiness that comes through the fulfillment of own desires and needs. Self satisfaction is the state of mind and heart both. It doesn’t build in a day; it takes a long way to get a final shape. Only self contained person can achieve the sate of self satisfaction, means whatever one’s desires can fulfill it. if one achieves everything in the life and feels pleasure and doesn’t want more than whatever one’s achieved is a self satisfied person. It is good for a happy life but he who wants progress in life and is a dreamer should not be self satisfied otherwise it hinders his growth and progress.


Self Reliance: -

One word for this is ‘Independence’. Self dependent and self relined is the state that is gained thorough  own ability and efforts. Self reliance brings self confidence and self respect in a person. Every person should have his own identity and personality and it comes only through self dependency.
It is the birth rights of every human being that he should have free will, freedom and independence. Self reliance doesn’t mean only to earn bread and butter through self efforts but it is related to achieve freedom of thoughts, desires to live a life according to own choice. These all bring the state of being independent.

Self Analysis: -

We have many qualities and weakness too. A person can be anything, he can control himself, and he can respect himself. But whatever he does in his life it is his own responsibility. A person whenever gets success in his life; he gives credit to himself for this and if he fails; he blames others for his failure. Self analysis gives a person to think about himself thoroughly but for this, one should put himself in silence and merge himself in the past to ponder over on his merits, demerits. And as he settles deep down his thinking he will come across the realities of the life and will come to know about his self very clearly. This ‘Self’ analysis gives him a way to choose the right path in life.
Self analysis creates a sense of freedom in you.


These 5 Selfs convert a person into a perfect personality. And these 5 selfs ultimately convert into Self Respect. 

  So these are your 5 ‘Self’. I think; you would like these.

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