Sunday, September 30, 2012

Golden Age-childhood

Search your Childhood

Childhood is the golden age of human life. This age is carefree, no liabilities, no burdens nothing only enjoyment. When this age passes, it turns everyone’s dream to get the childhood once again.

It is true that a child is present in every person and whenever a person gets the opportunity he reveals his hidden childhood. You can enjoy your childhood whenever you get the chance. It is not possible to be cheerful always because we all molded and well shaped in same pattern and sheathed ourselves all around. We don’t want to remove it. Due to it neither we dance nor do we sing. We don’t express our feelings fully. If we want to enjoy the childhood once again, we have to bring down the mask of gentle manliness and keep aside the knowledge and gravity, and become silly for sometime. Truly we don’t have to loose anything what can we loose as become joyous.

We are not the same as we are joyous, so be a child for sometime be in yourself looks like a fool or a silly person or whatever the world understands you, don’t bother about it.


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