Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nature- The mother of evrey child

Nature in Rainy Season

The lines of famous Hindi song, “Vo kagaj ki kashti; vo varish ka pani……..” (That paper boat, that rainy water) indicates the strong bonding between innocent childhood and rainy season, Very good combination of nature and the childhood.

The rainy season brings me back through the memory lane where I spent my childhood. First time when I was about 5-6 years old, I came close to the nature through rainy season. Generally nature means the flora and the fauna present around you. But the forest, river, mountain, environment, clouds, fountain etc. are the parts of nature. Nature creates a magic spell that mesmerized the passer by. She is more charming, fascinating, magnificent and splendid when she changes her beautiful attire with changing season but her attire in rainy season hypnotizes. In rainy season, nature looks so adorable, so charming – beyond words. If you want to experience that, come closer to the nature in rainy season and feel her breadth with her lush greenery that spreads in every nook and cranny.

Rain attracts every child and compels him or her to become wet in its shower. This I can say with my personal experience. And my first encounter with nature was through rain, the competition by Kissan opens the door of my childhood memories, where I found myself wet in the rain. Whenever there was rain, I rushed to the road with my 4-5 friends. The roads in heavy rain were soon flooded with water and the drains were fully filled with the rainy water and seemed like small streams. Seeing all that, we always played our favorite game of floating paper boat on the flooded roads and drains. At that time I always requested my grand father to make paper boats for me and for my friends. He did it for me but with a warning not to go far from the home otherwise he wouldn’t make paper boat next time. It always happened, we forgot his warning and he made paper boat for us. As we floated our boats on the roads or on the drains, we ran after and chased the boats and tried to find out, whose boat’s came first. Sometimes some boat turned upside down and submerged in the water, we again took the new paper boat and started floating on the water. The water of the drain carrying the huge amount of water in heavy rain was fallen into the main hole. So our boats were disappeared or smashed in the whirlpool of the main hole that was formed by the huge rain water. We looked down in the main hole hoping that we any boat could be seen but it hadn’t happened. So we returned back to hour home in despair.    

One of my favorite games with the rain was jumping in the flooded road. My friends and I were jumped on the road that filled in the rain water and our feet were merged in that water. Whenever we jumped a sound was created. That sound was heard like ‘chhapak’. For enjoying that sound we tried to jump higher and higher. Continuous jumping in the water was created a musical note of the “chhapak” sound (if somebody wants the proof just go on doing this). And as we jumped in the water, the water splattered all around our feet and it wet our whole body. We were totally wet but we didn’t care whether we were beaten or chided by mom or any other family member.

Mostly rainy season turns into the season of mischief and amusement for the children, in my childhood I enjoyed rain splashed down on the roads, we tried to catch the water droplets that were fallen down. Sometimes we opened our mouth to catch the rain water into our mouth and we had a competition for that exercise.

Rain was the first introduction of nature to me. I learn a lot from nature through the rain. I learn to save water. My mother told that water is precious and essential for life and Nature gives that gift in the form of rain. But we as a human being don’t taking care for it and wasting the water very cruelly. Nature taught me to save the plants because I still remember that my mother had a small garden. She loved the plants and sometimes she switched on the tape of some songs to the plants. When I asked him for that, she told me that plants have life and they also feel pain, happiness etc. I learn the lesson that plants are the prominent part of nature and rainy season is the king of all season because the nature and all life form are handicapped without this season. We can’t imagine our life without water, Oxygen and food, these all come from the nature. Just come close to the nature and try to hear her silence- she has a very lovely and unforgettable song of life.


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