Sunday, February 23, 2014

“Jinki Condition Serious Hai”, ! Five Stars contest

A Memory Of childhood

“Jinki Condition Serious Hai”, Wow…! Five Stars chooses very unusual topic for the contest. Splendid…, thought provoking…! Isn’t it…??

It is really very interesting topic and when I got the mail from, I started thinking on this topic and when I went into the arms of sleep, I didn't know. And imagine what…?? The topic was present in my dream too. Human faces with different type of facial expressions were roaming in my dream, the most prominent facial expression was smiley but sooner their appearance became lesser and lesser and a different type of facial expression was in the canvas of my dream. That faces just looked like stone face and creating fear in mind and heart.

“Oh…! I was sweated in the dream, even though that was freezing winter night. I awakened before my dream turned into a nightmare.  What a horrible facial expressions on their faces…! Anger, Hatred, greed types of intense expressions was present on those faces and they were undoubtedly in a serious condition.

I don’t know people realize or not that there are some people are like “Jinki Condition Serious Hai”.Such people are unaffected by any type of circumstances. Neither of winter or summer or rainy or spring season can change their facial expression. So, what do you say… about jinki condition serious hai...? Whenever you encounter such people and you look at their faces; what is your first reaction …? They seem you like, how unhappy person he or she is …! When would he or she be smile last time?

We always meet Jinki Condition Serious Hai type people, if somebody says ‘no’; he is a liar. It is a very dangerous type of diseases, if it catches somebody; it never ever leaves such person.

Anyways these thoughts were roaming in my mind. And in the middle of night, I was aging trying to catch my sleep. Sooner; I was diving into the ocean of dream. I was confronting with the same dream. A very familiar condition serious type face was repeatedly appearing and disappearing in my dream. 

Yes…Yes…I recognized that face. And he seriously belongs to “Jnki Condition Serious Hai” facility. And now I moved down through the memory lane, where I am going to revive my childhood days. I was recalling that familiar face – very serious with prominent lines of anger on the face. 

“Oh …! I got it, that face was of Pandey sir. And that remembrance revived the sweet memories of my childhood again. Pandey sir was my class teacher in 5th standard. He was very expressive personality in the context of Jindki Condition Serious Hai. I fail to remember any such moment in which I saw any change in his face. His face was like a stone face with stone heart .He looked as an angry man and the lines that developed on his face due to intense anger was so prominent that had been a part of his personality. He could be recognized very easily at a distance.

Confronting such people is a hard task and my whole class including me experienced it daily. Nobody knew who would be the victim of his anger? He had a long thin stick in hand to punish the student. Mostly student s was punished for not doing the homework and that practice was applied on 10-15 students daily. When the stick was waved in the class, the sound of that stick echoed into the heart of every student and it is still dwelling in my heart and mind too. 

One day the whole class decided to make him smile. But the biggest question was …How…? So we made a plan. The whole class decided not to do the homework for next day. And you can’t imagine… what happened next day. The whole class stood on the bench and was waiting for the punishment. When Pandey sir entered into the class and saw the scene, a big question mark of surprise on his face
“Wow...! That was a big surprise for us. The expression of stone face was changed. We opened our hand in front of him for the punishment. He had a great surprise on his face and the question mark for our act. He asked us for the home work and we nodded our head in no. He was speechless for some moment and then he laughed so vigorously that shook the whole class. And what happened…then is now a History.

One question is still to discover. Why are some people just like” Jinki Condition Serious Hai”…?? I find only one reason; they have a negative attitude towards life. What is the reason for this…? I think it lies in their upbringing and the circumstances of childhood. The negative attitude towards life compels a person turns into jinki condition serious hai like people.

One question is for everyone. How do you feel … when you encounter such person…? How can you tolerate or bear such person … if you have to spend 6-8 hours with such person.




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