Monday, September 3, 2012

A true story: Soak the life in Smile.

Soak in smile :In the name of life ....
Soak the Life in Smile

Surf Excel Matic contest -No more me an opportunity to recall my memories once again. There are many moments in one's life, when we find that those moments are not only the  memories but are some rare moments of life,where our life takes a 'U'turn and I had that one moment....I am sharing it with all of you.

As we start our day, the whole day passes in the same way. We all know it. Generally it happens; our day starts with our mood and thought.  whatever first thought comes in our mind as we wake up, we spend our whole day in that mood; it reflects throughout the day in our behavior and work.Sometimes we soak in frustration and sometimes we soak in joy and we let the day passes in the same mood. Why this soaking happens to us...?? we don't understand.

" A Smile in the name of Life"..means start your day with a "Smile" I learnt that lesson from my maid to whom we addressed "Amma". Amma was 65 years old medium height,dark colored tribal lady. Her hair was grey and her eyes were very prominent, it seemed to be very penetrating eyes that  I had never seen in my life, but the most promising gesture was her smile.Her face was soaked in her lovely smile and whenever she broadened her smile,her white teeth sparkled like a silver line in dark clouds.
She always came in between 10-11AM, very rarely she came late or absent at work.Her job was dusting,cleaning the house and washing the utensils. That day Amma didn't come in time, I wondered, she broke her routine first time. That made me restless because I felt,I would be late for office.So I was loosing my patience as the time was passing. I was whispering," let her come, I would through her out ....if she would come late.....",that thoughts were roaming in my mind and at the same time Amma entered into the gate. 

while looking at her face, my anger disappeared at all. I was just looking at her face and trying to say something, but I had no word
except,knowing the reason of her being late.

She was smiling as usually…,she gazed at me and smiled,’ Are you angry Beta..??I shook my head in no.Her face was calm, no any wrinkle of worry on her face. She explained that her son and daughter-in-law visited her and they had some serious talk. That’s why she came late. I knew that her only son was also residing in the same city but not with Amma. Her son left her alone in that old age, when she lost her husband. She had chronic type of  Rheumatism and was also Cataract patient. She had to take rest in that old age but she compelled to work for her livelihood. Spite all that  her face always soaked in smile.

That day I decided to ask Amma,” How would she smile inspite of facing all those odds of life..?? She was facing that much difficulties, somebody else would be at his feet, if he would have been in the same situations.

So, I asked Amma,” How could you smile in such circumstances...??”

The reply that Amma gave me,was quite surprising and that opened my eyes. That was a lesson to me and I want to share it with all of you.

Amma responded with her familiar classic smile,” Beta! God blesses us with human life… and that is…. only one life. It is in our hand to live… the life with smile or cry. So I think, Why don’t I live my life with smile and give it others too.

An old illeterate lady gave me the Mantra of Life that I could never ever forget. The Mantra is,” Soak your life in Smile”.